Anne Maitland, M.D., Ph.D.

Anne Maitland is a Fellow of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology and a member of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology (AAAAI). Her clinical focus is to upgrade efforts to meet the needs of under-served communities, plagued by immune mediated disorders, such as mast cell activation disorders, anaphylaxis, asthma, as well as autoimmune and primary immunodeficiency syndromes.

Dr. Maitland is the Chairperson of Mast Cell Disorders of the AAAAI, on the faculty of the Mastocytosis Society, a faculty member of the MCA disorders subcommittee of Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) grant for with patients diagnosed with a connective tissue disorder, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS).  This committee is responsible for gathering and coordinating common data elements, clinical signs, and symptoms of hypersensitivity disorders in patients, to delineate diagnostic and therapeutic recommendations for practitioners, patients, and their caregivers.

After earning a MD, PhD from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Maitland completed a residency in Internal Medicine at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, MA and her first year of Allergy & Immunology Fellowship at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, where she was first exposed to mast cell biology.  She then completed fellowship training at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York and has remained on the faculty in the Department of Medicine – Clinical Immunology division, while running a private practice in Westchester.  Dr. Maitland has now joined Dr.  Paolo A. Bolognese, MD, director of the Chiari Neurosurgical Center, and Dr. Ilene S. Ruhoy, MD, PhD, the Medical Director for the EDS/Chiari Center at Mount Sinai South Nassau, as an Immunologist, who will be involved in pre-and post-operative patient care, of those impacted by a debilitating triad of EDS, Autonomic Dysfunction and Mast Cell Activation Disease.

Recent publications describe the criteria to diagnose and manage mast cell activation disease in pediatric and adult patients, coping with an emerging triad of clinical syndromes, an original ‘C.I.N.’: Connective tissue Syndromes, including Ehlers Danlos, Immune dysfunction, including mast cell disorders and Neuropathies.