On April 1st 2024, Dr. Bolognese has moved from private practice to full time faculty at Mount Sinai South Nassau (MSSN), along with his core team. From a patient’s perspective, there is going to be no substantial difference, since the Center will continue operating at MSSN, like it has done since 2015.

Prospective new patients should reach Mr. Jeffrey Wood at [email protected]

Patients who need to book surgery need to reach Dawn at her new email address, [email protected]

Established patients looking to book a follow-up need to reach Irene at her new email address, [email protected]

The old emails have changed. The following emails are valid.

[email protected] and [email protected] for Dr. Bolognese

[email protected] for Irene Pendergast

[email protected] for Dawn Verity

[email protected] for Phil Papadimas

[email protected] for Jeffrey Wood

The website of the Center is in the process of being revamped and expanded. Its full content will be back online soon, at the same web address.